Q1.  How do I know if a product is organic?

A label helps you to identify whether the product is organic or not. Usually, an internationally recognized body certifies the company’s products. An organic seal assures consumers of the quality and integrity of organic products. Organic-certified operations must have an organic system plan and records that verify compliance with that plan. In India there is a PGS logo, this is for dry goods. There is no other way to identify organic fruits and vegetables without a laboratory test.

 Q2. Why does organic cost more?

food doesn’t always cost more. Some items may cost the same or even less than their conventional counterparts. As the demand for organic products increases, the cost will come down. Also, Organic farmers do not receive any subsidies like conventional farmers get on fertilizers. The price of organic food is the true cost of growing. Organic farming is more labor and management intensive
Organic farms are usually smaller than conventional farms and so do not benefit from the economies of scale that larger growers get. Due to higher labor engagement in producing organic food, the cost of production is high. Moreover, a farmer cannot produce more for a single product, which ultimately covers the overall.

Q.3 Does organic food taste better?

Organic food tastes better as it is grown in well-balanced soil. So, healthy plants have a great taste. Try organic food and see the difference. Organic foods are not involved in the use of chemical pesticides. Moreover, organically grown plants produce more flavonoids. Due to the higher content of flavonoids, the foods are more tasty and flavorful.

Q.4 Difference between organic and conventional grown foods?

High nitrogen application to plant foods can increase crude protein concentration but decrease the nutritional value of that protein. Conventional fertilizing practices could possibly result in higher crude protein content but poorer quality protein than organic practices.

There is considerable evidence from controlled experiments that some organic fertilizers result in lower nitrate concentrations in plants compared to conventional fertilization.

The ultimate test of the nutritional value of food is its ability to support health, growth, and reproduction over successive generations of animals or humans. Evidence for increased disease resistance, productivity, or fertility of animals feeding on organically grown fodder is largely anecdotal.

Q.5 Why SIMFED Organic products?

SIMFED Organic is marketed by Qseal Agritech Pvt. Ltd which is an integrated company headquarters in Delhi Rajouri Garden is primarily focused on organic and natural foods. It is involved in the field production of crops, processing, product development, and marketing of organic products since 2013. Qseal Agritech. has been founded with a vision of providing Pure, Healthy, Wholesome foods to Consumers and creating Sustainable Livelihood for farmers.

The products are “certified organic”. The products confine to the strictest organic practices adopted worldwide.

It has the largest product range offering more than 400 products, ranging from cereals, pulses, edible oils, dry fruits, and processed products like pickles, jams, juices.


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