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Organic Elephant Apple – Nature’s Exotic Marvel

Our organic Elephant Apples, also known as Chalta or Chalta Phal, offer a delightful fusion of tanginess and sweetness, harvested from the wilds of Asia, they embody nature’s exotic marvel.

Origin: Rajasthan


1. Unusual Appearance: Resembling a small, knobby green-yellowish fruit, the Elephant Apple boasts a tough outer skin that encases its unique, tart-sweet pulp.

2. Distinct Flavor Profile: Its taste balances a tangy sourness with a subtle sweetness, making it a versatile ingredient for both savoury and sweet culinary creations.

3. Culinary Versatility: From chutneys, jams, and pickles to refreshing beverages and curries, the Elephant Apple lends its unique flavour to an array of dishes.

Health Benefits:

1. Rich in Nutrients: Despite its size, the Elephant Apple packs essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants.

2. Digestive Aid: Known in traditional medicine for aiding digestion, this fruit can alleviate stomach issues and promote gastrointestinal health.

3. Hydration and Refreshment: Its refreshing taste and high water content make it an ideal thirst-quencher, especially in tropical climates.

Usage Tips:

1. Preparation Techniques: Peel and deseed to utilize the pulp in various recipes or blend it into refreshing beverages.

2. Cooking Applications: Incorporate it into jams, preserves, or curry bases to enjoy its unique tangy flavour profile.


Organic Elephant Apples, with their intriguing appearance and versatile flavour, stand as a testament to nature’s diversity. Whether relished as a tangy snack or incorporated into culinary masterpieces, their unique taste profile offers a delightful twist to traditional recipes, making them a cherished addition to the world of exotic fruits.


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