Organic Turmeric Powder (100gm)

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Organic Turmeric Powder

Ever wondered why Organic Turmeric Powder is used in almost every Indian curry?

First of all Organic Turmeric Powder provides a peculiar bright yellow colour to the curry

Experiment this- Make a curry with and without turmeric. Instinctively you would be more drawn more towards the one which has added turmeric in it, and as a result digestive juices will be secreted better. Fact of the matter is that out ancients knew very well that our eyes eat before our mouth is full.

Then due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it kills harmful microbes in the vegetable and also reduces inflammations in the body. Basically instead of going for an artificial colour that are synthetic in nature we can  add natural herbs and spices which also add their healing value to the food.

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Weight0.1 kg


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