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Organic Urad Chilka Dal (1kg-500gm)


500g, 1 KG


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Organic Urad Chilka Dal – Nature’s Nutrient-Rich Delight

Harvested from organically grown split black gram with its skin intact, our Urad Chilka Dal stands as a testament to wholesome nutrition and authentic taste.

Origin: Rajsthan, Assam


1. Rich Nutritional Profile: Bursting with protein, dietary fiber, and essential minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium, Urad Chilka Dal is a nutritional powerhouse, promoting overall health and vitality.

2. Distinctive Texture: With its dark outer skin intact, this dal maintains a slightly chewy texture, lending a unique mouthfeel to various dishes.

3. Versatile Culinary Use: From classic Indian dishes like dal makhani and idli to savoury snacks and soups, this dal’s versatility makes it a kitchen staple.

Health Benefits:

1. Protein-Packed: An excellent source of plant-based protein, aiding in muscle repair and growth while keeping you satiated.

2. Fiber-Rich: Abundant in dietary fiber, it supports digestive health, regulates bowel movements, and fosters a healthy gut.

3. Mineral Enriched: High in iron, potassium, and magnesium, essential for maintaining proper bodily functions and overall well-being.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Preparation: Rinse thoroughly before cooking to remove any debris.

2. Cooking Method: Boil in water until tender, allowing the dal to absorb flavours when seasoned with spices and herbs.

3. Recipe Adaptability: Incorporate it into various cuisines, adding depth and nutrition to your favourite recipes.


Organic Urad Chilka Dal, revered for its nutritional richness and culinary adaptability, symbolizes the harmony between wholesome nutrition and authentic taste. Its versatility in cooking and immense health benefits make it an indispensable ingredient, enriching meals with its distinctive flavour and texture.

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500g, 1 KG


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