Spinach (Palak) 78/kg


1kg, 250g


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We know this leafy green is a good source of folate, a very important B vitamin involved in cell division. Spinach is also rich in iron, making it a potentially important source of this mineral for vegetarians.

Spinach (Palak) is believe to have originated in ancient Persia and then spread on to other parts of the world.

Spinach contains a particularly high level of oxalic acid; about several hundred milligrams per 100g serving. Oxalic acid is usually contained within little pockets in the cell walls of the spinach but when these are ruptured by either being boiled or chewed, the cell walls break and the contents leak out.

Even without Popeyes recommendation, spinach contains more nutrients per calorie than any other food on the kitchen table. With a sweet, nutty, and tangent flavor.


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1kg, 250g


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