Sunflower Oil (1L-500ml)

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Rich in phytochemicals like choline and phenolic acid that are beneficial for your heart.
Prevent arthritis due to the presence of Vitamin E. Prevention of cancer: The carotenoids found in sunflower oil help in the prevention of uterine, lung, and skin cancers. In addition, they provide a good source of Vitamin A and aid in preventing cataracts.

Folate or folic acid found to be helpful in the manufacture of new cells.
Magnesium prevents muscle cramps. Tryptophan relaxes the brain and promotes sleep by aiding in the production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Sourcing premium quality sunflower seeds around the year and ensuring the best quality is what we are committed to!

To provide you best quality, we use wood pressing i.e. Lakdi Ghani to extract the oil from seeds.

Naturally, the premium seeds yield the best quality – 100% healthy oil. However, ensuring 100% pure, unrefined premium oil does come with its own premium! Trust and select SIMFED Oils for sure and consistent quality – ALWAYS.

Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil is Best Suitable for Indian Cooking – A healthier substitute for refined oils

Stabilizes Good/Bad Cholesterol, Rich in Vitamin E

Boosts Heart Health & Memory; Rich source of High Oleic Acids and Unsaturated fats



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