Black Salt (200g-500g)


200g, 500g


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Black salt, also known as “kala namak” or “sanchal” in Hindi, is a type of rock salt that originates mainly from the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Despite its name, black salt is not entirely black; it typically has a pinkish-gray hue when ground into a fine powder.

The distinctive color of black salt comes from its mineral content, which includes traces of iron sulfide. This gives it a slightly sulfuric aroma and flavor, reminiscent of hard-boiled eggs. This unique taste is why it’s often used in vegan cooking to mimic the flavor of eggs in dishes like tofu scramble or vegan egg salad.

In addition to its culinary uses, black salt has a long history of medicinal and Ayurvedic applications in traditional South Asian medicine. It’s believed to aid in digestion, improve skin health, and alleviate various digestive issues.

Overall, black salt is prized for its unique flavor profile and versatile uses in both cooking and holistic health practices.

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200g, 500g


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