Cumin Powder (100g-50g)


50 g, 100g


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  Organic Cumin Powder – A Culinary Essential

 Our organic cumin powder, derived from the dried seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant, stands as a quintessential spice in kitchens worldwide, celebrated for its robust flavor and versatility.

 Originating from Rajasthan


  1.   Aromatic Profile: The warm and earthy aroma of cumin powder adds depth to dishes, boasting a slightly nutty, peppery, and citrusy flavor profile that tantalizes the taste buds.
  2.  Versatile Spice: From Indian curries, Mexican salsas, Middle Eastern falafel to enhancing meats, soups, and even baked goods, cumin powder’s adaptability makes it an indispensable culinary companion.
  3.   Flavor Enhancer: Its ability to harmonize with other spices and ingredients elevates the overall taste of a dish, providing a unique umami depth.


  Health Benefits:


  1.  Digestive Aid: Cumin is known for aiding digestion, reducing bloating, and supporting gut health.
  1.  Rich in Iron: An excellent source of iron, cumin powder helps in maintaining healthy blood levels and combating fatigue.
  1.  Antioxidant Properties: Packed with antioxidants, it aids in fighting inflammation and bolstering the immune system.


  Usage Tips:

  1. Seasoning Powerhouse: Use it as a foundational spice in cooking or as a finishing touch for added depth and complexity.
  2.  Dry Roasting: Dry roasting cumin powder intensifies its flavor, releasing its essential oils for a more robust taste.



Organic cumin powder, with its rich aroma, versatile nature, and array of health benefits, stands as an indispensable spice in the culinary realm. Its ability to transform dishes and contribute a distinct depth of flavor makes it a cherished addition to kitchens, enhancing recipes and delighting palates with its unique character.

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50 g, 100g


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