Organic Rajma Red (1Kg-500gm)


1 KG, 500 g


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Organic Rajma Red – The Heart of Hearty Meals

Our organic Rajma Red, the cherished kidney bean variety, epitomizes wholesomeness and flavour, sourced from organically nurtured plants to bring nature’s goodness to your table.*

Origin: Uttarakhand


1. Distinctive Appearance: These kidney-shaped beans boast a deep, rich red hue, capturing attention with their vibrant colour and appealing texture.

2. Nutrient-Rich: Rajma Red is a powerhouse of nutrients, offering a significant source of protein, fiber, iron, and essential minerals, making it a valuable addition to a balanced diet.

3. Versatile Culinary Ingredient: From classic Rajma Masala to soups, salads, and bean-based spreads, these beans adapt effortlessly to various cuisines, imparting a hearty and satisfying taste.

Health Benefits:

1. Protein Source: High in plant-based protein, Rajma Red aids in muscle repair and supports overall bodily functions.

2. Fiber-Rich: Its high fiber content promotes digestive health and helps in maintaining satiety, aiding in weight management.

3. Iron and Minerals: An excellent source of iron and essential minerals, contributing to optimal health and energy levels.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Preparation: Soak the beans overnight for best results, reducing cooking time and aiding in better digestion.

2. Cooking Method: Boil or pressure cook until tender, allowing the beans to absorb flavours when combined with spices and seasonings for a delightful meal.


Organic Rajma Red, with its rich colour, robust nutritional profile, and versatility in the kitchen, stands as a testament to the fusion of health and flavour. Embrace this wholesome legume to create nourishing meals that bring joy and sustenance to every table.


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1 KG, 500 g


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