Soyabean White (1Kg-500gm)

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White Soybeans – Nature’s Nutrient Powerhouse

Our white soybeans, derived from the Glycine max plant, represent a nutritional powerhouse straight from nature’s bounty.

Origin: Uttarkhand


1. Mild Flavour: With a subtle and delicate flavour profile, these white soybeans offer a versatile base for a wide range of culinary creations, allowing other ingredients to shine through.

2. Creamy Texture: Their creamy texture adds a delightful richness to dishes, making them an excellent addition to soups, salads, stir-fries, and beyond.

3. Nutrient-Rich: Bursting with essential nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, white soybeans contribute to a wholesome diet and support overall wellness.

Health Benefits:

1. Protein Source: An excellent plant-based protein source, aiding in muscle development and providing sustained energy.

2. Rich in Fiber: Promotes digestive health by supporting regular bowel movements and maintaining gut health.

3. Vitamins and Minerals: Packed with vitamins like folate and minerals such as iron and calcium, supporting various bodily functions and overall vitality.

Usage Tips:

1. Versatile Cooking: Use these versatile beans in a myriad of dishes, from traditional stews and casseroles to innovative salads and grain bowls.

2. Preparation: Soak before cooking to reduce cooking time and enhance their digestibility.


White soybeans, with their mild flavour, creamy texture, and nutritional richness, stand as a versatile ingredient that complements various cuisines and dietary preferences. Embracing these beans not only adds depth to your meals but also contributes to a balanced and nourishing lifestyle.


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